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The Beginning

Marti grew up always ready to entertain. She practiced to the sounds of The Supremes, which was every teenage girl's inspiration. 

Always ready to entertain her dad

Marti and girlfriends getting ready to do the famous Supremes pose

Finally doing the famous pose with Mary Wilson, one of the original Supremes!




Professional Debut

Opening for Ramsey Lewis

Marti opened up for the Ramsey Lewis Trio. Scared to death! 

It also happens to be the first time she was asked for her autograph,

though it didn't hurt standing beside Ramsey Lewis.

Three time Grammy Award winner!

Performing with New Orleans Summer Pops

Recognition from

Lousiana Weekly Background Singer

Marti did a lot of her recording work at the famous Sea-Saint Recording Studio in New Orleans, owned by the legendary Grammy Award winner Allen Toussaint and Marshall Sehorn.

While searching for Lee to rehearse, he'd often be found under the hood of a car- he loved to work on his cars!

Many recording sessions and commercial jingles were done at Sea-Saint Studios.

Many recording sessions and commercial jingles were done at Sea-Saint Studios.

Allen Touissant


Sometimes Allen would make guest appearances on Lee Dorsey's show, and Marti would perform as a background singer with both.

Lee Dorsey

Marti did background vocals for live performances of Lee's hit singles "Ride Your Pony", "Holy Cow", "Working in a Coal Mine", and more!

Albert King


Marti did several sessions as a background singer on Albert King's albums, which were produced by Wardell Quezergue.

Wardell Quezergue

Wardell was the music producer and arranger of Marti's first disco album. She also worked with him on many of his commercial jingles.

What Marti learned from Wardell Quezergue: on your day off, do not talk "shop!"

Many recording sessions and commercial jingles were done at Sea-Saint Studios.

Memorabilia from Marti's time at the Fairmont Hotel

Marti and the Dick Stabile Orchestra opened for Eartha Kitt. Eartha was very gracious to a young Marti. They spent their days together with Marti chauffeuring Eartha around town. Eartha loved New Orleans architecture and they often stopped by Lou and Charlie's Jazz Club after the show.

Vocalist with Dick Stabile Orchestra

at the Fairmont Hotel in New Orleans

Dick Stabile (right) featured in the classic movie White Christmas

Marti Lynn & Dick Stabile

Page taken from New Orleans Magazine featuring the Dick Stabile Orchestra with Marti Lynn

Dick Stabile (far right) was also the former musical director for

Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis

Eartha's note to Marti before she left town

Vocalist with Ronnie Kole Trio

Ronnie Kole, Dick Taylor, Everett Link

The Ronnie Kole Trio along with Marti toured Japan representing the New Orleans Tourist Commission. They performed in the Hotel Okura chains across the country.


During that time, a major earthquake hit while they were staying in Tokyo. While sleeping, Marti thought the rattling was part of her dreams, but soon realized the truth after meeting with the other members for breakfast!

Taking time off to enjoy the sights

Marti performing with the Trio in Panama

She ate too much ceviche during her stay in Panama!

Marti's debut disco album was executive produced by Ronnie Kole and arranged by Wardell Quezergue (far left)

Wardell Quezergue, composer-arranger behind the hit singles "Mr. Big Stuff" and "Express Yourself"

Anchor 1

Performer in the New Orleans Opera Chorus

In her later years, Débria (right) became a ranking member of the Metropolitan Opera Guild. She is pictured here with Plácido Domingo.

Débria Brown, a native of New Orleans, starred in the opera "Un Ballo in Maschera"

New Beginning in Los Angeles

Long Beach Opera Company

Marti performed in the chorus of the Long Beach Opera Company, dressed to impersonate Tina Turner in a modern version of Tales of Hoffmann.

Get Happy! cast reunion pictured below

Headliners of Get Happy! Donna McKechnie (center) and Pam Meyers (right) appearing in the Broadway show Company.

In the Cast of Get Happy!

Marti then performed in Get Happy! starring Donna McKechnie, Pam Meyers from the play Company, and Shanice. Get Happy! was a musical about Harold Arlen, who wrote famous songs like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”. Marti's big numbers in the show were “Happiness is Just a Thing Called Joe”, and "I Never Has Seen Snow" (from the musical House of Flowers). 

Donna McKechnie (pictured with arrow)- Tony Award winner for Chorus Line

Marti pictured at far right

Shanice Wilson's theatrical debut performance was in Get Happy!

She is now star of reality TV show Flex & Shanice.

Brief stint with The Watts Times

The Watts Times evolved from the aftermath of the Watts Riots because the original owners felt the media did not present an unbiased reporting of the incident. Charles Cook (left) and Beverly Cook purchased the Watts Times in the 1970's.

Beverly and Charles Cook spent countless hours developing this publication. Together, they turned the publication into the success it became. Many evenings were spent with Beverly preparing delicious, welcoming meals served with plenty of fun and laughter.

As a loving gesture, they honored Marti on the front cover of the Watts Times and she performed at their annual benefit show. 

Marti had a brief stint as the editor of the community page in the Watts Times

Cast of Hornerplenty

Paul Horner one of the first composers Marti met on a personal level. They both worked on Get Happy! and reconnected for Paul Horner's show, Hornerplenty.


During the same time Paul was preparing for his Broadway debut of Peg based on the life of Peggy Lee, starring Peggy Lee! Upon his return from Broadway, Paul wrote an ensemble piece called Hornerplenty, which featured music he produced. Having heard Marti perform in Get Happy!, he invited her to be part of his ensemble.

Top photo: Paul Horner

Bottom photo: Tucker Smith

Top row: Tucker Smith (West Side Story)

Second row, left to right: Marc Allen Trujillo, K.T. Sullivan

Third row: Paul Horner

Bottom row, left to right: Marti Lynn, Zelda Rubinstein (Poltergeist)

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